About Event

Protecting consumers and your company's brand identity is more important than ever as counterfeit products surge in the shadow of the COVID-19 outbreak. With the global outbreak of COVID-19, criminals are seizing the opportunity of obtaining fast cash by taking advantage of the high demand for personal protection and hygiene products. The market is now flooded with counterfeit products. World BI is contributing by organizing a high-class virtual conference of experts, who will discuss real life challenges. They will share their experiences about how they overcome these challenges during the pandemic. You will be able to discuss how you can navigate your brand protection strategies.

About Company

World BI is an expert and a well-renowned management consultancy firm. We provide Business Intelligence by organizing B2B events in various industries. We boost productivity by extensive research and analysis of the requirements of our delegates and provide them with the best vendors without compromising on the quality. Our customers include professionals leading their respective industries. They come together to share their knowledge, innovations and current challenges. Major industries are Life Sciences, Electronics, Supply chain and Telecommunication.